at Kuala Lumpur
Hoping for a vacation after tomorrow’s submission 👷 (at Santorini, Greece )
Exhausted day end up with a nice city view. Hello Kuala Lumpur!  (at Seri Titiwangsa)
When someone leaves you, don’t be a fool and feel lonely inside but teach yourself how to be more independent, and rely on Allah. I know it’s hard, but be strong. #talkingtoacat :) (at Cat’s Home)
Personal 3dmax maha guru kak @airaniez62 the one who makes me believe that everything happened for a reason. Alhamdulillah and glad that i met her for this semester. Good morning work load.  (at Kulliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design (KAED))
My red toys collections :)  (at Real Sanctury )
Life. (at Leading Lights)
Tons of assignments. See you tomorrow.. (at Kulliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design (KAED))
Today’s work space accompanied by Arissa :)  (at Real Sanctury )
Bila hidup terlampau selesa, 
Hati ada rasa bahaya.
Bersama dayang-dayang yang sudi datang beraya hari ini, terima kasih :)
Thanks for coming mates!